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Our community is dedicated to encouraging independence, all while providing the assistance that is needed, within a loving atmosphere of a bed-and-breakfast style setting. Our mission is to ensure each resident receives the quality care and fulfilling lifestyle that they so deserve at an affordable cost.

The BEST of service with a LOVING touch

At Trinity Place, we create a personalized plan-of-care that reflects each resident's specific service needs in order to provide the best support and experience possible every day. Our dedicated team provides each of our resident’s daily meals and snacks, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, recreational activities and a variety of additional amenities and services - all with a loving touch.

At Trinity Place, your loved one is never a liability

Selecting the right community can be a challenging and stressful process. Unfortunately, many caregivers have to repeat the process when the facility they chose casts out their loved ones due to a change in their physical or mental status. That won’t happen at Trinity Place.

While there may be additional costs to continue care, and while working within state guidelines, residents are not dismissed simply because additional services are required. At Trinity Place, you or your loved one is never a liability.

The Moore Family

Cheryl and Eric Moore are a mother and son team that has successfully owned and operated assisted living facilities for more than 18 years. They have an unmatched reputation for providing quality care at affordable rates. They are known for excellent communication with doctors, pharmacists, home health personnel and especially families of residents to help provide a team approach to assure the best possible quality of life for their residents.

Cheryl Moore, MS, PT

Cheryl Moore is a physical therapist, with over 30 years of experience as a therapist for home health, where she visited patients in their homes, and also worked in health care facilities. She has a master’s degree in healthcare administration. She started and operated three assisted living facilities and has more than 19 years of experience in caring for hundreds in her senior living facilities. When she found the need to place her own mother in a facility but did not find a good match for her mother’s needs, she started and operated two assisted living facilities.

Eric Moore

Eric Moore grew up visiting facilities and learning about residents and their needs. He has a bachelor’s degree in management from Clemson University and joined the National Guard while in school. He has commanded a Medical Company here with the National Guard and was deployed overseas as well. He continues in the National Guard serving as Medical Operation Officer for the State of Florida. He assisted Cheryl in running her previous facility and he brought another family facility through a large remodel and successfully ran the facility. Eric has more than 12 years of management and leadership experience in the senior living industry.

Amanda Cadigan, LCSW

Amanda has a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from New York University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Originally from New York, she has always worked with the geriatric population in various fields of practice. Amanda, in the past several years since living in Florida, has dedicated her career to advocating for the physical and mental well-being of the elderly population through the health care industry. She has worked with the Moore Family in their previous facilities and continues to grow with them and promoting their philosophy of a homelike environment for our aging population.

What makes our facility different



Family Owned Community

Trinity Place is a family-owned and operated assisted living facility. The benefits of the owners of the property also being the operators (i.e. Administrators) of the community are the dedication and the compassion they have for the building, their devoted staff and the residents and family. The Moore family commits themselves full-heartedly to the enrichment of their resident's daily lives including but not limited to their personal care, nutrition, leisure activity, and health.


Unlike most corporate-owned facilities, the Moore family is the CEO and Vice President of the business yet are at the community every day and involved in every aspect of each resident's delivery of care. They are very accessible, on-call 24/7 to be of service to any changes, concerns, comments or compliments to be made!

Family owned
Levels of Care

Our Levels of Care

Trinity Place does not consider residents a liability - we treat and consider all of our residents as family members. We take pride in our devoted staff and our goal to provide the highest level of care necessary with our well-trained and caring staff and allow those to continue their lives as they progressively need more care in the Trinity Place community.

Most Assisted Living Facilities limit the amount of care they provide residents. This can mean facilities can even request the resident to move to another facility that can provide a higher level of care.

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